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MKSHFT/CLLCTV is a full blown creative company. You won’t catch us with a clean shave or in any suits and ties. We provide an alternative experience powered by innovative ideas and steadfast execution.

MKSHFT is derived from “makeshift”, which represents the attitude of our team from day one. Our content has been built originally from whatever we have had access to, and we are proud to have developed the old school way.

CLLCTV is derived from “collective”.  In addition to creating content, we also provide our filmmakers and creatives the support, resources, and platform to create and showcase their work.  We have a profound belief that there is a correlation the amount of folks there are creating art and a better world.

The entertainment industry has one of the highest environmental footprints of any industry. We are determined to not fall into that classification. Nearly all of our documentation is handled and processed electronically. We print less than 2% of the documents we access, provide, or handle. Our workflow also is tape free, as all of our production cameras shoot on harddrive only. In addition, we deliver files in electronic formats only, unless specifically requested otherwise by our clients. And as for office footprint, we will continue to call our laptops and local coffee shops our office until someone gives us a good reason why we shouldn’t.

We screen all of our inquiries to make sure they are in tune with our collective values. You won’t see us make videos for any online gimmick, fast diets, pyramid scams, or videos that degrade common integrity.