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Creepy, Cool, Nerdy, whatever you want to call him Nick Veasey is a highly regarded X-Ray Photographer from London. His X-Rays have appeared Time, Wired and National Geographic. In a world filled with casual lies and superficial good looks, Nick seeks the truth by examining overlooked details in animals and objects we take or granted. We examined him a bit recently. Radiation free…



Derek Keller: People in the U.S. are freaking out about full body scans at airports. What are your thoughts?

Nick Veasey: I think that it if it’s the price we pay for safer air travel, then it is something we should be prepared to undergo but the fact that people are freaking out or alarmed about this is not news to me. I have seen various reactions to my X-rays and occasionally the more conservative types are shocked and a little disturbed by what they see.

Of course, most of us don’t want what’s under our clothes to be exposed. We wear clothes as a kind of armour and to convey certain signs of status or attitude. My work comments on this state of affairs but it also attempts to show how defenceless and exposed we become when stripped bare. These are only natural fears that the new generation of airport scanners are provoking.


DK: Do you ever worry about all the exposure to radiation?

NV: Yes. I have had a couple of accidental exposures to X-ray radiation in my life and I have to have regular check-ups and be monitored in my work and when operating my machines.

I respect the power of X-rays: I’ve seen their power to penetrate thick metallic objects and easily pass through biological subjects. I know they can pierce through your bones and cause damage to the bone-marrow so as long as I am in charge I follow the procedures and don’t worry unduly.”

DK: who do you draw influence from?

NV: My main source of inspiration was music. I was heavily involved in the Acid House – Summer of Love scene in the late 1980′s and that made me more open-minded and keen to experiment. Artists that inspire are Bridget Riley, Doc Egerton, Dan Graham, James Turrell and Eadweard Muybridge. Photographers that I admire are Guido Mocafico and Tom Hunter.

DK: The airplane, tractor and bus x-rays were massive.  What’s the next big item you want to shoot?

NV: I’ve wanted to X-ray a vehicle from the golden era of the Space Race. However, if you’re smart, you may be able to see an impediment to achieving this. The manned space vehicles were designed and built with thick metallic shielding to prevent X-rays and other nasty things like Cosmic and Gamma rays. I would need to work out a suitable vehicle and a way of capturing it. Apollo 11 would be nice…

DK: Have you ever thought about X-ray’ing an X-ray machine?

NV: It’s not top of my list. They are rather brutal looking, industrial bits of kit. It would be like a photographer photographing a camera. There are so many other subjects to study.

DK: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen in an x-ray?

NV: So many things have surprised and fascinated me but recently I X-rayed some fish and rays. The ray was an incredible natural form and it had baby crabs and other marine life in its stomach! It was just an amazing shot.


DK: What are five of your favorite albums?

NV: Burial by Burial; Remain in Light by Talking Heads; U-Roy : The Lost Album; Screamadelica – Primal Scream; Portishead – Dummy

DK: What are five of your favorite films?

NV: Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Cinema Paradiso; The Third Man; Lawrence of Arabia; Swimming Pool

DK: If you are able to choose, what would you like your last meal to be?

NV: Giselle Bundchen’s muff.

On that note, please check out Nick’s website: and look out for his amazing work in advertisements, magazines and of course the good old internet!

______the end.